Ascertia’s ADSS GrIDsure Server

Document authorisation and electronic receipt creation is made highly secure using unique transaction signatures.

During a transaction, unsecured data can be changed without a trace, leaving organisations vulnerable to fraud. Ascertia’s ADSS GrIDsure Server can generate digital signatures for transactions and documents, securely recording key details.

  1. Authorise digital signatures for one or more business applications.
  2. Authenticate OTP credentials across multiple web applications.
  3. Relieve business applications of the responsibility of managing and protecting user authentication data.

    The ADSS GrIDsure Server can:


  • Bind the signatory’s personal or corporate ID to a document
  • Provide legal weight evidence of approval by signatory
  • Ensure that the document has not changed since it was signed
  • Show the date and time at which the data was signed.

The ADSS GrIDsure Server can be used to authorise the signing of documents and data such as ERP, CRM and ECM. It removes the need for expensive desktop software and complex security infrastructures, whilst
ensuring that effective security can be quickly and easily provided. The multiple capabilities of the ADSS GrIDsure Server can be used to solve today’s needs and offer excellent data/document protection to meet the changing needs of tomorrow.
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