CRYPTOCard Blackshield ID with GrIDsure

BlackShield ID is a new, Web Services based strong authentication, token provisioning and management application that in combination with CRYPTOCard hardware, software, On-demand or 3rd Party OATH tokens enables organizations to efficiently and effectively protect against unauthorized logons resulting from shared, recycled, stolen or hacked static passwords. The latest version includes GrIDsure authentication options.

This solution is ideal for organisations:

  • with 5 to 1,000,000 users that want complete, in-house control of their authentication service and security policies
  • that want the ability to use any combination of hardware, software and on-demand tokens
  • that want the flexibility to securely manage the service, provision users effortlessly, receive automatic alerts and produce reports from anywhere with internet access and a browser
  • that want real-time activity views and workflow automation
  • that want relief from expensive time-based authentication and the resource drain of perpetual token repurchase and redeployment

If this sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate BlackShield ID and the time it frees up to allow you to concentrate on other IT priorities.