GrIDsure – Cash for Tokens

Upgrade from Token based authentication and save £££s

Customers of all sizes need strong authentication but they don’t need the cost and administration burden of Tokens.

Pattern based authentication from GrIDsure means:

  • Low cost
  • Simple Deployment
  • Easy Administration
  • No Tokens

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GrIDsure Toke Less

GrIDsure Aventra – Ultra Secure User Authentication

Enhanced Secure Authentication

GrIDsure has partnered with Aventra, a leading smart card and data security
specialist to provide enhanced, secure user authentication. This dramatically
improves security by replacing the fixed PIN with a one-time ‘PIN’ generated
by GrIDsure technology, for every authentication. Because a new code is
required by the card each time, a would be attacker gains nothing from
recording or observing the number being typed in by the correct user.

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Plus: Ask about additional Discounts if you switch to GrIDsure today

GrIDsure Aventra Ultra Secure