GrIDsure Enterprise Login

Single and 2-Factor Authentication

Single or 2-Factor secure login to Windows® Active Directory Including Remote VPN access

Using GrIDsure as the front end login to your Windows domain greatly increases endpoint security without increasing complexity or inconvenience for end-users. Whether the user is connected to the domain or offsite on a laptop the user can still be authenticated using GrIDsure.

GrIDsure Enterprise Login is designed for corporate users working on a Windows domain and includes a powerful policy module allowing systems administrators to centrally manage users, pattern complexity and size of grid providing flexible and scaleable security options. Additionally it provides GrIDsure security for Corporate ISS web servers.

GrIDsure Enterprise Login also supports Remote Desktop connections and with the use of an SDK your developers can incorporate GrIDsure authentication into your other corporate applications.

Users can also make secure remote VPN connections to your network using your existing firewall as long as it supports the industry standard RADIUS protocol. Successful implementations on Juniper, Microsoft IAG, Microsoft UAG and Citrix Access Gateway demonstrate the versatility of this solution.

Secure login, using a one-time passcode can be achieved without the need for additional hardware such as a token device.

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Features and benefits of GrIDsure Enterprise Login

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