GrIDsure for Microsoft UAG

The GrIDsure Authentication Platform (GAP) is a software solution that enhances the standard user authentication procedure by providing a simple One-Time Passcode (OTP) based on the recognition of a pattern of cells within a grid.

Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) provides secure remote access to corporate networks.

“The GrIDsure Authentication Platform (GAP) for UAG” is a point solution for users wishing to incorporate the GrIDsure Authentication Platform into a UAG-based remote authentication solution.

Just a few simple steps are required to use a GrIDsure passcode.

First, the user selects and memorizes a selection of cells on the GrIDsure grid, known as a Personal Identification Pattern (or PIP) which is then registered against that user.

  • User generated One time Passcode (OTP) using easily remembered Shared Secret (PIP)
  • Shared Secret is not revealed in authentication process
  • Enhanced Authentication Security when using UAG
  • No additional hardware
  • Works for existing and new implementations
  • Low TCO compared to hardware OTP solutions or tokens.

Microsoft UAG with Gridsure

When the user accesses the system and needs to be authenticated, the same grid is displayed with a random number in each of the cells.

The user reads the numbers that fall within the cells of their PIP, and then keys those numbers directly into the GRIDSURE Passcode box to gain access to the system.

Each time the user logs on, a different set of random numbers is displayed in the grid, creating a unique One Time Passcode (OTP) that no other user can re-use to gain access to the system.

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