GrIDsure Products

GrIDsure technology has been developed into a range of ID Authentication products for a variety of uses including:-

  • Windows login – single use GrIDsure Login Solo
  • Secure login access to Active Directory – GrIDsure Enterprise Login
  • Smart card authentication – GrIDsure SmartLogin
  • Digital signing – ADSS Gridsure Server and Two Factor Authentication with Legal Validity

GrIDsure Solo Login

Cost effective, easy to use one-time password solution without the need for additional hardware to protect and secure your personal computer.

gridsure pattern authentication

GrIDsure Enterprise Login – Single and 2-Factor Authentication

Login into Windows PCs without having to rely on a traditional fixed password or having to submit biometric information. As part of an Active Directory domain GrIDsure Login Enterprise provides Single and 2-Factor secure login for enterprise networks without the need for additional hardware. GrIDsure Enterprise remote access uses RADIUS protocols for access through VPNs and firewalls.

gridsure pattern authentication

GrIDsure for Microsoft UAG

GrIDsure for Microsoft UAG enhances the security provided by the Microsoft UAG with the GrIDsure® patented pattern based authentication method for one-time passcodes without additional hardware.

gridsure pattern authentication

GrIDsure SmartLogin

Ultra secure authentication with smart card and one time password. High quality two factor authentication is achieved by combining the use of a smart card and the GrIDsure authentication method.