How Gridsure Works

GrIDsurePattern Based Authenticationis a method for strong authentication that’s easy to use, cost-efficient and easy to integrate. It does not require additional hardware, such as tokens, or biometrics to provide secure access control. Instead, it uses sequential pattern recognition to reliably identify users and their access rights. Users choose a memorable pattern and sequence of cells on a grid, their Personal Identification Pattern (PIP). Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge GrID of random numbers. They then enter those values that accord with their PIP, creating a secure, one-time passcode at every login without giving away their secret pattern.

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GrIDsure Features
Pattern Authentication Benefits
Creates a One time Code
Stronger than a PIN
Uses a pattern, not a PIN
Easy to recall and more
permutations than PIN
Pseudo random repetition of
PIP is safe from Shoulder
Flexible/ bespoke character
No language or literacy
barriers to effectiveness
Multiple forms of
authentication combined into
a single process
Creates multi-factor security
without added complexity for
the user.
No additional hardware
Nothing for the issuer to
deploy, or the user to forget,
lose or break.
The principle remains the
same to the user, however
complex the action.
Easy adoption for users, whilst allowing administrators to choose the appropriate level of security and to scale it over time.
Resistant to:
• Brute force attack
• Shoulder surfing
• Key logging
• Screen scraping
The security of a GrIDsure
application is scalable to the
threat level faced. No
GrIDsure version will fall to a
single attack.
Stronger than Single Factor
“1.5” factor authentication, stronger than fixed passwords, without the deployment issues for the issuer, or additional stresses for the user.


Pattern Authentication vs Passwords