Modirum MDpay Authentication by phone

The Modirum MDpay authentication server (MAS) is designed for high volume transaction environments with support for an unlimited number of users per installation. When customers need to authentication themselves over the telephone – within a call centre environment for instance – it is important to ensure that the caller on the end of the line is who they say they are. The Modirum system, using GrIDsure, provides secure over-the-phone authentication and is more cost effective to implement and maintain than other authentication systems.

MAS Functionality

  • MAS is designed for high volume transaction environments
  • Support for unlimited number of users per installalion
  • Multiple languages per bank supported
  • HSM hardware based database encryption
  • Extensive transaction logging ond log search functionality
  • Detailed standard and customised reports
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Secure browser based administration interface
  • HTTP post based interface for easy integration
  • Secured by SSL ceriticates and/or digest
  • Tight integration with external back-office systems
  • Several messaging architectures possible

Modirum MDpay Authentication Brochure

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How Modirum Authentication Works with GrIDsure

The user is provided with a card printed with a Unique matrix of numbers. The GrIDsure Matrix is made up of six rows by twenty columns of numbers. The top row contains letters which are used to identify the start of each 5 x 5 grid. This provides the user with sixteen five by five grids.

Modirum MDpay Authentication Server (MAS)

The system is based on GrlDsure incorporated with the Modirum ACS server and is available as an integration to an existing system or as a managed service.

Modirum specialises in secure authentication software and services for clients within the banking and payment processing industry with more than 1000 banks in over 30 countries using the system. MAS provides organisations with a single platform to build a cohesive, comprehensive authentication strategy. It allows the addition or standards-based hardware and software authentication methods; at the same time it can be interface with existing external systems to support proprietary authentication methods.

MAS enables organisations to transition and extend to new authentication technologies quickly and easily. Organisations can add new authentication methods while continuing to support any existing technology.
With the versatility of this system connection to your system / database and the creation of specific user interfaces becomes a manageable process to deliver what you want.