Modirum MDpay using GrIDsure

MDpay 3-D Secure ACS 3.0 is a complete authentication package for bank card issuers and processors.

The MDpay ACS software platform is one of the most mature 3D-Secure products
on the market. Modirum has been involved with the development and
enhancements to 3-D Secure protocol since its launch and the first
implementations. Modirum MDpay ACS was one of the first products to be
recognised as compliant with the 3-D Secure protocol by Visa and upholds its
feature and performance leadership.


GrIDsure is an award-winning and innovative solution based on a groundbreaking
yet simple method whereby users authenticate themselves through a ‘one time’
code that is based on a pre-defined sequential grid pattern. These codes are
more secure and resilient to spyware threats, creating an extra security layer
which can work on its own or alongside other security mechanisms.
GrIDsure neatly replaces all fixed passwords or PINs on any electronic device or
system where a display can be shown, ranging from computers and mobile
devices to the world of physical security. GrIDsure is more secure and more cost
effective than many alternative authentication methods. It is highly scalable, easily
adopted by end-users and easily implemented by IT professionals.

Mdpay ACS is designed for high volume card and transaction environments, supporting:

  • An unlimited number of issuers per installation
  • An unlimited number of cards per issuer
  • Multiple languages per bank
  • HSM hardware based database encryption
  • Extensive transaction logging and log search functionality
  • Detailed standard and customised reports
  • Customised user language and authentication options at card level.


    Modirum MDpay using GrIDsure