Gridsure The Two Factor Authentication Alternative

Gridsure is the pioneer of secure Pattern Based Authentication

Our ground-breaking technology offers a proven and viable alternative for strong and secure authentication, without placing any additional burden on your end users, and without requiring the acquisition and deployment of additional hardware tokens.

It’s so simple to use!

The simple-to-use technology is based on humans’ instinctive ability to memorise patterns much easier than PINs or complex and constantly-changing passwords. Each time a user logs on, they use their “Personal Identification Pattern” of cells to read a sequence of numbers from a dynamically changing grid. This generates a different and unique One-Time Passcode (OTP) each time they log on.

Unlike traditional solutions, at no point in the authentication process does the user reveal their secret pattern. And they NEVER have to touch the grid while they are logging on.

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2 Minute Demo

Click on the Grid below for a quick recorded video demonstration of how simple it is to use!

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Better Than 1-Factor and 2-Factor Authentication

Recent events continue to demonstrate that traditional 1-factor (the “shared secret password”) and 2-factor (“something i have and something i know”) solutions are no longer a sufficient way of providing secure authentication.

With the GrIDsure solution, because the shared secret pattern is not revealed, it is much less prone to the threat of interception, screen scraping and shoulder surfing.

And because there is no separate hardware token involved, the costs of deployment and administration are greatly reduced when compared to traditional two-factor solutions.

Deployment Summary

The GrIDsure PBA technology is ideal for securing both local (i.e. LAN) and remote (i.e. internet, extranet, cloud) access, and it offers several deployment options.

The GrIDsure Enterprise Login (GEL) can be deployed as an additional layer on top of your existing Active Directory authentication.
The GrIDsure Authentication Platform (GAP) can provide a stand-alone point solution for secure authentication to an application or service.
The GAP can also be integrated with other authentication technologies, such as the GAP for UAG which integrates with Microsoft Forefront Universal Access Gateway (UAG).

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Other Providers of Two-factor Authentication include:

Swivel PINsafe Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions
Secure simple multi-factor authentication made easy by the experts at Swivel – with complete freedom from tokens.
PINsafe: A tokenless multifactor authentication solution based on patented technology
* Mobile based / web based authentication
* Flexible and Cost Effective
* Simple in its execution from deployment to end-user engagement
* Used in every country throughout the world

CRYPTOCARD tokens are convenient, inexpensive, reliable and of course, never expire.
Choose from a wide range of phone, software, SMS and physical tokens, or consider the grIDsure tokenless method.
CRYPTOCARD’s BLACKSHIELD authentication platform also supports a wide variety of 3rd party tokens, including any token supporting industry standards such as OATH, and also certain other vendors’ tokens such as those from RSA. Our token and tokenless solutions can be combined to meet your organisations specific requirements of convenience, cost, mobility, compliance and user experience.

RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator) – providing a much more reliable level of user authentication than reusable passwords.
* The only solution that automatically changes your password every 60 seconds for optimum security
* 20-year history of outstanding performance and innovation

RSA offers enterprises a wide range of user authentication options to help positively identify users before they interact with mission-critical data and applications through:
* VPNs & WLANs
* E-mail
* Intranets & extranets
* Microsoft® Windows® desktops
* Web servers
* Other network resources

Signify helps organisations to secure their computer networks via an ondemand service.
We provide a secure alternative to passwords with a passcode that safely enables remote access to systems and information by delivering two-factor authentication as an on-demand hosted service.

Signify delivers the market leading token based two-factor authentication system, RSA SecurID, as a fully hosted service. We make it easy to securely identify your users using token based authentication with a service that reliably authenticates users 24 x 7. This allows you to quickly meet your security needs and comply with industry regulations. RSA SecurID is an ideal solution for users who need to rely upon getting secure remote access from any computer.

OneSign® Single Sign-On
Say good bye to password management headaches. Imprivata’s non-invasive OneSign Single Sign-On takes the complexity and cost out of password management by extending single sign-on access to any application quickly and easily with full security.
Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (sso) provides a secure single action of user authentication permitting users to access all workstations and applications they are authorized to use. Password-related calls to the IT helpdesk are virtually eliminated by centrally managing each user’s complete collection of application passwords and extending seamless and convenient single sign-on to any enterprise application.

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