GrIDsure Two-Factor Authentication

Gridsure – Pattern Based Authentication

GrIDsure is the pioneer of Pattern Based Authentication.
Our ground-breaking technology offers a proven and viable alternative for strong and secure authentication, without placing any additional burden on your end users, and without requiring the acquisition and deployment of additional hardware tokens.

It’s so simple to use!
The simple-to-use technology is based on humans’ instinctive ability to memorise patterns much easier than PINs or complex and constantly-changing passwords. Each time a user logs on, they use their “Personal Identification Pattern” of cells to read a sequence of numbers from a dynamically changing grid. This generates a different and unique One-Time Passcode (OTP) each time they log on.

Unlike traditional solutions, at no point in the authentication process does the user reveal their secret pattern. And they NEVER have to touch the grid while they are logging on.

2 Minute Demo
Click on the Grid below for a quick recorded video demonstration of how simple it is to use!

Better Than 1-Factor and 2-Factor Authentication

Recent events continue to demonstrate that traditional 1-factor (the “shared secret password”) and 2-factor (“something i have and something i know”) solutions are no longer a sufficient way of providing secure authentication.

With the GrIDsure solution, because the shared secret pattern is not revealed, it is much less prone to the threat of interception, screen scraping and shoulder surfing.

And because there is no separate hardware token involved, the costs of deployment and administration are greatly reduced when compared to traditional two-factor solutions.

Deployment Summary
The GrIDsure PBA technology is ideal for securing both local (i.e. LAN) and remote (i.e. internet, extranet, cloud) access, and it offers several deployment options.

The GrIDsure Enterprise Login (GEL) can be deployed as an additional layer on top of your existing Active Directory authentication.

The GrIDsure Authentication Platform (GAP) can provide a stand-alone point solution for secure authentication to an application or service.

The GAP can also be integrated with other authentication technologies, such as the GAP for UAG which integrates with Microsoft Forefront Universal Access Gateway (UAG).